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The idea of kismet is essentially based completely on the fate of the individual and not on the skill of the gamer depending upon the video game he or she is about to play.
Not surprising that why people always utter, "There goes kismet again" to someone who regularly wins the video game.
The problem lies in the truth that the so-called woman luck is not constantly constant from day one until day 2 or 3.
On its whole, the truth behind kismet is generally based on the stroke of luck that falls upon the person right at that really minute.
On the other hand, mathematicians argue that they can fight lady luck into a more realistic viewpoint using numbers instead of fate or exactly what their stars tell them.
That is why critics of the "pc gaming market" would rather call blackjack, roulettes, and other video games in the gambling establishments as part of the video gaming market and not gambling industry because they wish to let individuals believe that the probabilities of winning is not based upon chances or some sort of kismet but on the mathematical stats of every move.

The Drawback behind Lady Luck

The problem with individuals relying on their kismet to grin at them so regarding fend off any misfortune is that the modern game has the tendency to draw on the superstitious beliefs of most primitive individuals.
Most of the losers have the tendency to think that they can ward off misfortune using some methods such as spreading out some salts to fend off bad aspects that bring misfortune.
Some even contend that the color of the clothing bring in lady luck to come and sit with them.

The Conclusion

Consider this; some mathematicians compete that the chances of having or getting a royal flush are 1 in 649,739. This goes to reveal that if people will entirely rely to kismet, opportunities are they will definitely lose more than winning.
The bottom line: gambling is not about winning, it is entirely based upon losing. The only winner is the casino owner who calls for the so-called "home advantage" and there is no lady luck to the rescue.